Dynapro Tipmatic, integrated in the slide

A further development of the proven Tipmatic comfort system sets things in motion. The Tipmatic element is now directly integrated in the slide. Consequently the space-saving system can be quickly fitted. Dependent on requirements, the customer can choose between synchronised and non-synchronised variants. The synchronised variant permits full-surface triggering of the drawer across its entire front. The synchronisation module is fitted below the slide, which contributes to the space saving.

Tipmatic functions

  • Full extension drawer, synchronised 40 kg or 60 kg load capacity
  • Tipmatic element integrated in the slide
  • Synchronisation can be retrofitted, recommended for drawer widths greater than 700 mm
  • Modularly built system, replaceable with soft-close
  • Can be triggered by gently tapping anywhere on the front surface
  • Drawer extends fully to allow optimal access to contents
  • Reliable closing through catch function
  • Depth adjustment on both sides ensures precise front gap adjustment