Tiomos Mirro

Gently closes mirror and glass doors with a flowing, hardly noticeable movement.

Glass gives rooms greater clarity and transparency. Likewise, in furniture design, glass elements are used. For these applications, Tiomos Mirro sets a new benchmark. The Soft-close and damping mechanism integrated into the hinge arm of the tried-and-tested Tiomos hinge generation ensures a gentle closing action for glass and mirror doors. Full comfort for modern bathroom and living room interiors.

In addition to the sophisticated fastening technology which ensures good stability, an elegant solution was designed with the door-side mounting mechanism for high-quality mirror and glass doors. The hinge cup can also be mounted on existing self-adhesive adapters without any problems.

Tiomos M9

The versatile all-rounder for demanding door applications.

Maximum stability, integrated damping, pure design. Tiomos M9 combines all advantages of the Tiomos hinge series for thin furniture doors.

The depth of the cup of the Tiomos M9 is extremely shallow, making it suitable for use with very thin furniture doors, rebated doors and four-sided mitred applications. Regardless of how special the hinges are in the context of new GRASS innovations, they all benefit from the inherent, incomparable Tiomos comfort. This includes three-dimensional adjustment and stepless height adjustment as well as the brilliant kinematics, which results in the extremely effortless opening of furniture doors. Furniture designers all over the world are enthusiastic about the perfect reveal alignment with minimum gaps.


Tiomos M0

Full scope of design freedom thanks to a clever connection.

Thanks to the simple screw connection between Tiomos M0 and furniture doors it is possible to use materials with a thickness of between 6 and 10 mm without the need for cup holes.

Tiomos M0 is not only easy to assemble, it also impresses with integrated damping technology. As a result, Tiomos M0 allows the use of thin materials such as aluminium, and underlines the aspiration of the Tiomos range to cover all applications.