Soft-close for Nexis. Damping system suitable for retrofitting to all Nexis hinge systems.

Comfort is a question of technology: Soft-close – the unique damping system for furniture doors sets the standard.


Soft-close can be inserted securely and without tools into the hinges of the various hinge series, either straight away or at a later date. Quick, reliable and completely tool-free. The movement is gently slowed down and the furniture door closes softly and quietly — a perfect balance of form and unction. The number of Soft-close dampers per door depends on its size and


Product description

Soft-close Impresso

For Nexis Impresso 95°, 100°, 110° and 125° hinges

Soft-close Click-on

For Nexis Click-on and Slide-on 95°, 100°, 110° and 125° hinges

170° Soft-close

For Nexis Impresso, Click-on and Slide-on wide-angle hinges (170°)

Soft-close Mirro

For Nexis Click-on Mirro hinges

Soft-close Pin

Pneumatic damper for doors