STOSA Cucine

The brands GRASS and STOSA CUCINE are jointly pursuing the same approach to product development, which is characterised by a strong drive towards innovation and technological solutions. The objective is to offer the consumer the best possible quality.

Grass and Stosa Cucine have been working together as leading players in the furniture sector since 2011. The two companies have made continuous optimisation a driving force for their strategies and also cooperate at trade fairs as well as with marketing activities, which leads to higher quality and adds value.


Stosa Cucine is based in Radicofani, in the Tuscan province of Siena. With its strong links to the local area, which have given the enterprise the love of detail that goes with craftsmanship, the company has claimed its place in the international market with over 1,250 kitchen studios around the world. Founded in 1964, Stosa Cucine has adopted a development philosophy that enables every operating process and leads to constant and impressive growth in all areas.

The company has carried out an advanced internal digitalisation process and implemented a production and logistics process that ranks amongst the most progressive in the sector, with a completely automated system, video cameras for quality control and tracking options throughout the entire chain, local procurement, a despatch management system with modern smart devices and successful energy efficiency due to a photovoltaic installation in the plant.



The production department has some 80,000 sqm of floor space available for maximum product personalisation, where 36,000 kitchens a year along with living room furniture and products with custom dimensions can be manufactured.

30 compatible kitchen models offering more than 100,000 possible combinations make Stosa unique in terms of design flexibility.