Upside down – the new flap system folds down to open


Timeless: The stylish flap system with cable stay in the colours white, Night and Smoke integrates well with elegant furniture with drinks compartment flaps. The system comes in two models for different flap sizes and weights.


Ideally combined: In the Kinvaro D, the Tiomos flap hinge ensures that the open flap is flush with the base panel – ensuring an aesthetic overall appearance.


Opening comfort: Thanks to the integrated damping system, the opening action of the flap is gently damped over the last centimetres.


Practical: Whether horizontal or vertical, left or right – Kinvaro D can be fitted on both sides of the cabinet and even turned by 90 degrees to save space. This means that the variable flap system can be used on cabinets with depths from just 82 mm.