Courageous visions were followed by fascinating inventions and products that change the market.

The significance of the innovative strength of GRASS for the market can be illustrated by some examples from the past as well as present times: Only a few years ago, handle-free furniture fronts were still are rarity. Today they are very popular. With the worldwide first electronically controlled slide system Sensotronic, the electro-mechanical Sensomatic system and the purely mechanical Tipmatic Plus system, GRASS has contributed a major input into this development.


The development of Tiomos, the latest hinge generation by GRASS, has benefited from several decades of know-how and experience. Years of research have been dedicated to reconceptualising and developing every detail and function from the bottom up. The result is a very elegant movement system which already meets all technical and functional requirements of the future.


Years before that there were the GRASS damping systems that helped the trend towards damping systems for drawers and doors to achieve a breakthrough. And decades earlier the development of double-skinned drawer systems, fully synchronised cabinet slides, all-metal hinges and many other innovations that provided the furniture industry and craft-based producers with state-of-the-art products to allow them to realise their own visions.

A history of innovations.

1963 The world’s first all-metal furniture hinge is launched onto the market
1968 Introduction of the world’s first concealed furniture hinge
1972 Another world première: the first roller slide
1976 The first full-extension drawer
1980 The first single-wall steel drawer system: Unigrass
1989 The world’s first double-wall drawer system
1990 Introduction of the single-wall drawer system Integra
1994 Launch of the successful Nova drawer system
1999 Expansion of the Nova range to include Nova Inline
2001 Introduction of the Soft-close damping system
2003 Market launch of Nova Pro and DWD XP
2004 Soft-close damping system for hinges
2006 The first handle-free systems for drawers and hinges: Tipmatic. Market launch of the Interwood undermount drawer slide
2007 Sensotronic, the first electronically controlled drawer system
Introduction of DWD XP Agantis and illuxo
2008 Introduction of Nova Pro Crystal
2009 Dynapro is the first concealed slide system worldwide with an intergrated, three-dimensional adjustment facility.
2010 Tiomos starts the latest hinge generation by GRASS. One of its outstanding characteristics is the unique Soft-close damper which features stepwise adjustment and is fully conceals within the hinge arm.
2013 Vionaro Cubist Drawer System
2015 Tavinea 91 Interior Accessory System
2015 Nova Pro Scala Drawer System
2016 Kinvaro T-Slim Flap System
2019 Tipmatic Soft-close opening system