grass.eu DWD XP Drawer System DWDXP You know what you are getting when you buy a brand product. GRASS is the best example of this maxim. Our high-quality motion systems combine technological progress, convenient functionality, the highest quality and precision down to the last detail. grass.eu Feel more WOW. DWD XP means top-level movement comfort. The extraordinary running characteristics and the elegant design create a comprehensive drawer range to meet the highest demands. XP DWD XP Drawer System. The convenient and versatile comprehensive drawer range. Simple. Practical. Good. THE DWD XP DRAWER SYSTEM LOOKS GOOD, IS VARIABLE AND ALSO EASY AND COMPACT TO ASSEMBLE. DWD XP OFFERS ALL THE INGREDIENTS FOR INDIVIDUAL STYLING AND CONVENIENCE IN MODERN KITCHENS. THE INTELLIGENT COMPREHENSIVE DRAWER RANGE FEATURES NUMEROUS DRAWER VERSIONS, TWO INSET PANELS AND VERSIONS IN THREE COLOURS TO SATISFY A WIDE RANGE OF CUSTOMER WISHES.