Up-and-over flap system

Just one swing to reach the desired position. The Kinvaro S-35 stands for elegance, ease of use and ergonomics at the highest level.


The front flaps of the Kinvaro S-35 not only open particularly easily and conveniently, their optimum feature is the way in which they swing up and away ergonomically over the cabinet and cornices, pelmets or attached lights. Once an angle of 45° is reached, the Kinvaro S-35 maintains the front flap fixed in any desired position. The precisely applied spring-force of the up-and-over flap system means that both light front flaps made from natural wood and heavy fronts made from glass or MDF move just as elegantly. Whether handle-free applications or front flaps with narrow or wide wood or aluminium frames, the Kinvaro S-35 is multi-talented. And the integral soft-close damping system ensure silent, gentle closing.