Quaturis 71 – Functional and variable corner cabinet solutions for the discerning.

Quaturis 71 makes it easy for everybody. Doors close gently and elegantly with the unique Quaturis 71 closing damper, which can be adjusted for the weight of the door and the weight of shelves and stored items. Even with fully loaded shelves, optimum functionality is guaranteed. Furthermore, with its adjustable telescopic tube, the Quaturis 71 is suitable for all common cabinet and worktop heights. Quaturis 71 is the basic fitting for both 80 cm and 90 cm wide corner cabinets. It is also suitable for a wide range of door openings and fits with all common shelves.

Product description

Quaturis 71 for 90° corner cabinet solutions
(with wooden or plastic shelves)

• Pie-cut corner cabinet fitting for 90° corner cabinet solutions

• Uniform door application with optimum stability for standard and frame doors

• Three-dimensional door reveal adjustment (height, sides, depth)

• Easy attachment of handle-free fronts and fronts with handle strips