Connectors - small components with a big effect.

Reliably and safely, these small components hold together what belongs together.

Shelf support

  • FixoGRASS 9000
  • Avoids possible buckling of cabinet side wall
  • For heavily loaded shelves
  • For shelves with a minimum thickness of 19 mm
  • Clip prevents fitting from working loose

Shelf support

  • Material: Zamak
  • Small size for decorative design

Mitre joint fastener

  • Easy to fit
  • Clamping based on pincers principle
  • Suitable for all angular connections

Mitre joint fastener

  • Easy to fit
  • Clamping using eccentric cams

Front panel adjuster

  • Enables fitting of double fronts without additional screws
  • Enables height and side adjustment of the drawer front

Eccentric connector

  • Fixograss 9200
  • For connecting side walls with worktops, base panels or shelves
  • Small but sturdy connection fitting
  • A range of steel bolts for different application options
  • Fitting of eccentric connector using 5 mm Allen key